Sudam Chandra Panigrahi

The hoop girl in train

As my train chugs along
she wearing tattered salwar
comes along with her daughter
of three years
who smeared
two big round red dots
on her cheeks,
a flower tucked
to a rope on her cap.
Holding a small hoop.

Her mother beats a steel dish
kept upside down on the isle
with a stick,
while daughter
shows her hoop skill,
starting from right foot
through hands
ends up in left with zeal.

Music speeds, speeds up she
begins jumping
from this end
to that.

When she spreads
her hands for some coins
some give with red eyes
and words
while some complain.

And they walk
to other coach
propelled by hope
and hunger
Holding their hoops and steel dish

Last journey

When two lives
Exchanged rings
And garlands
Among relatives
It was sheer festivity
echoed in the air
And wafted around
As they received gifts
Bouquets, best wishes
And compliments.
Dreams were woven
On the canvas of time
While some strokes waited
To finish the chime
As a new life rhymed about.
A water filled pitcher
Sat on a swastika mark
In front of a decorated gate
While wicks flickered
To greet nouveau life
United a while ago
Coming in a vehicle bedecked.
At that succulent time
Crashing came a gale
tumbling the pitcher,
ravaging wicks
and all decorations
While the car rammed
another vehicle
from direction opposite
crushing all dreams
into ashes
as lives, dreams and promises-
Silent and expressed
waited for cremation.
Promises remained
mere memory
no one was there
to claim
or fulfill.

 Sudam Chandra Panigrahi,   Author of Love Across the Borders, waits for1176227_232317956915445_879689448_n the publication of his second novel in 2015. By heart a poet and many of his poems have been published in a number of national anthologies.