Sushilkumar Shinde


Salma, when you are in front of me
I get choked,
Dissipate the energy and can’t even to write about you
The earth which tear its heart for
Sita is startled over your grief.

When you take nipple out of your baby’s mouth,
To show it to customer
how much tearing happen in your heart?

While surrendering his brothel-some behaviour
how many times image of your baby,
who is slept with the help of afim, passes through your eyes?

‘Saab,smile a little, life is like that ‘ you say and leave in search of new customer.
Dolly,Ruksnaa ,and this Hasina
all of you are ingrained depth in my brain,

and I keep churning out the words like coward,
while you are coping with all those rapes throughout the life,
and this city take a sleepy cover of immunity.

Salma your brevity is really great.

(Translated from Marathi by Mr. Shahsikant Sawant)

The City

This city has rented out
Dreams, hopes and ambitions
Underneath this garbage

The intense desire has an odorous tang
Like ordure
Difficult to tolerate, hide & repress
Buffed and puffed roads
Giant buildings
Leisurely large footpath
Well disciplined traffic
Oh! How beautiful it is to dream…
But thus remains this city deranged and illusioned

Coition on the footpath
Renders open-born broods
And the city takes them in its elastic arms

Pollution has turned this city into an eye with cataract
How peacefully it absorbs ear deafening noises
Buffed and puffed roads ooze
Blood of someone innocent
The bleeding bloody city
Licks its wounds
Like a helpless dog
When Skyscrapers are infected by ringworms
Bulldozers come handy
Slums are set on fire
Sometimes cylinders blow up in a row
Like firecrackers in Diwali
Then the city offers shelter
To the homeless slum-dwellers
Seldom has it covered with shawl
The dirty dusky breastfeeding kids

This city keeps living with uncertain affinity
Tolerating odorous haughtiness
Inhumanly and helplessly
Buffed and puffed roads
Giant buildings
Leisurely large footpath
And well disciplined traffic
Underneath this garbage
This city has rented out
Dreams, hopes and ambitions

English Translation by Maheshleelapandit
From the collection of Marathi Poems Shara aatmahatya karayacha mhantay
By Sushilkumar Shinde

Sushilkumar Shinde ( B 1988) is a promising young voice in the contemporary Marathi Poetry. His first collection of poetry Shahar Atmahatya Karayach Mhantay (The city on the verge suicide), published in 2016, won him the various state prestigious awards and highly appreciated in reader and critics. His poems have been included in various anthologies of Marathi and also published in Indian literature ( Sahitya Akademi.)