Tanmoy Bhattacharjee

Pain In Pleasure

Pain and Pleasure
Frown at times
With allures and lullabies
And they really bother
If I fail
to look back at them

Sometimes I wonder
how don’t
they stop oozing sweat;
even blood
if sought to get me
through my life-ordeal

I find pleasure in pain,
For it is devised
to divulge glee.

My ever-awe-struck eyelids
Find Close match
to causal rotation

But the glossy corners
fail to locate the swift
and the twists in my smile

I consider pain
to be an enabler,
Not a constraint
The end is scaled…
Pleasure continues to baffle
in smoky perfume.


Memories in Monsoon

Greet you monsoon,
This time too
you let it wet
soaked, dried, withered.
A sweet smell rushes.
So does the memory
Gets me back to the past.

It is when both of us
Wet in head to toe
The chase of wild love
As if
A bull, refusing the barrier
Intends to meet.
Meet close.

Tanmoy  Bhattacharjee is a teacher  &  writes poetry from Raiganj. Author of Heights of Life.t