Vinita Agrawal

Reborn as warmth

Desperate like denial
I am a pollen of wants
Reaching, moving, winding
Towards a mock orange sunset
Waiting to be shoved down Pacific’s throat
The Sonoran desert of nothingness has had its fill of me
From pink to gold to a dead autumn hue
I am through with transformations
Find me alkaline soil, bury me
Along with these traitorous seedlings of being lost
Until one fine day
When we meet again…
The arch of life shall awn
Accommodating the mounds on your palms
Awakening me
Unfurling the whorls on my feet
And all my nyctinastic spaces
sprouting warm emerald green exaltation
And wild dances of joy

Essential Aspirations

The softness of love belies its path
I speak of silk but tread on battlefields of depravity
I dream of skies but sink in rivers of blood
I see paradise but pass through needle-eyes of hell

I would come to you without belongings just to truly belong
No rain, no sun, no false heavens or broken moons
Just the biology of a bond, forging new ethers of us
In the azure arches of your eyes

Then we’d talk about settling down
You in my arteries, I in your veins
Traversing fields of consciousness
Watering nodes of essential aspirations
Inferring simple ecstasies, like eye contact

My name would be welded in yours
Plural paths would dissolve into a lingua of understanding
Core and surface become one
Like ghosts finally being gifted bodies
Like bodies finally being granted wings

Until then we are so many forms, so many skills
We are words, music, temptation, redemption…
Near, Distant – ebbing and flowing like a moon with the night
Vassals of tender love and hard circumstances
We are also mountains withstanding life’s artless gales, sighing softly

Moment of Love

A moment had turned around
One that I had nourished
like a hungry ghost until the dawn of the universe,
that I had pelted like a pea stone into feather-down pillows
beneath my restless dream-filled head every night.
Nights that came only for darkness’ sake.

That moment had sought me out

Engulfed in lichen it was,
with a spine of mortar.
Squared to perfection, all decimals rounded off
like an unerring account of my footsteps
wandering galaxies in search of you.

Love was finally crowned emperor
Adorned in raiments,
bedecked with jewels of true finding
like an opal gorge raked into existence
by desperate hands and naked fingernails.

Moonbeams piped diamonds into my smiles
Billowed solstices of joy from my breath
I forgot about the jaguars stalking my doorstep,
forgot about obstacles baking batches of scandals;

Remembered only the golden maize
nodding benevolently at us
beaming at our trysts on cosmic soil
for this was our time. Our moment.

Vinita Agrawal, is a Mumbai based writer and poet. Her poems have been 11695877_10153480281504399_4892631453075048510_n published in Asiancha, Raedleaf Poetry , Wordweavers, Constellations, The Fox Chase Review, Spark, The Taj Mahal Review, CLRI, SAARC Anthologies,, Touch- The Journal of healing, Museindia,, Mahmag World Literature, The Criterion, The Brown Critique,, Sketchbook, Poetry 24, Mandala and others which include several international anthologies. Her poem was nominated for the Best of the Net Awards 2011 by CLRI. She received a prize from MuseIndia in 2010. Her debut collection of poems titled Words Not Spoken published by Sampark/Brown Critique was released in November 2013. Her poem was awarded a prize in the Wordweavers contest 2013.