Vishal Ajmera


Scrambled thoughts

imaginations galore.

Uncertain words, never a pleasure

emotions mundane, never lifetime’s treasure.


Scrambled passages

Life so mysterious

twists and turns; veiled.

Uncertain walkways, never happiness prevailed.


Scrambled wisdom

textual knowledge .

Mythical world entangled with science

Uncertain experiments, humanity’s demise.


Scrambled acts

sometimes in solitude.

Greatness blended with guilt

Uncertain maneuvers, never heart tranquil.


Scrambled life,

Waiting to unfold.

New lease of life, fresh gust

breaking into another mould.


Vishal is an Indian resident. Over the years, Vishal has developed aVishal Ajmera penchant for poetry and has established himself as a successful poet cum lyrics writer; composing poetry across several genres and encapsulating various aspects of life from psychology, nature to imagery. With contributions in several international anthologies and magazine publications, his journey in the ‘poetic world’ continues unabated. Apart from poems, Vishal is an ardent music lover and plays guitar.