1st Vol,No1 (Dec2013)

Flip Talk between Ariadne Sawyer & Surabhi Bhattacharjee


poet1Ariadne Sawyer, MA, C.C. An author of three books, speaker, poetry judge movie reviewer.She is the president of the World Poetry Reading Series Society, co-host and co-founder of World Poetry and related areas ( Ariadne is the radio show co-host and producer of The World Poetry Café CFRO 102.7 FM, a weekly venue, promoting multilingual, intercultural Poets and musicians. She enjoys creating special events such as festivals and her dream is to create a multilingual, intercultural traveling show and film on Creativity.Ariadne was the winner of the $5,000 prestigious MacLean Hunter award for programs of excellence:  The Brain Bulletin Series, 7 CD’s which have played on radio stations across Canada.

poet2She is currently working on her first novel: Journey of Love and Agony and a book of dream poems called Love Poems to the World. She has done workshops on Creative Dreaming, the Immune system and how to use more of your brain, as well as several research projects. Her poems have been published internationally..As a Neurotherapist and Peak Performance Trainer, Ariadne loves doing research on the brain and seeing people transform themselves.

Awards:  International Peace Poetry Award at the World Poetry International Festival. Artist of the Year award by Proyecto Cultural Sur and Citizen Award from Pandora’s Collective.



1.Ariadne Sawyer, tell us a little about you .
A hard question to answer. I am and have been many things. I have lived in different countries, the US, Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, different states like Alaska, New Mexico and others. I have a Master’s degree and have gone to several universities. I have taught, have had two private schools, worked to become a ballet dancer, had polio and needed to change direction. CEO of Peak Performance Plus and Neurotherapist

I am the co-founder and President of World Poetry,  ( my volunteer work) co-founder, producer and host of the World Poetry Café Radio Show and artistic director o f three World Poetry Canada International Peace Festivals and other exciting events.

2. How long have you been writing poetry? When did you write your first poem? How old were you? 

My mother said I was three when I did my first poem. I learned to read and write at three so that may have been helpful in working with poems. Since we began World Poetry to provide a venue where multilingual and intercultural poets and other disciplines could come together in an atmosphere of respect, honour and support, I have not had as much time to work on my poetry as I would like.


3. What was ‘’Memories of a Childhood ‘’about?

My childhood memories are ones of moving a lot, of the closeness of our family, weekly poetry readings, classical music, living far out in the country and not going to school until late high school. My imaginary playmates were great writers and humanitarians, those whose books I read over and over such as Gandhi, Aristotle, Plato and others.

4. What might inspire you to write a poem? 

Often it is an image or a feeling, sometimes in my dream poems, they write themselves and I am just the person that they are dictated to.

5. What does poetry mean to you? 

Poetry is a powerful means of creative expression, regardless of what level the person is at. I am always amazed at the wonderful poetry, a verbal and visual feast that is on our World poetry Canada International face book group. When we go to different events, we have “a Create a poem table for children and youth.” Some children come back again and again. It is wonderful to see the beauty in the words.

6. Has your idea of what poetry is changed since you began writing poems?

When I started doing Creative Dreaming, I found that the poems were very different and they had their own beingness.

7. Do you have a writing group or community of writers you share your work with? Tell us something about it? 

Usually I share a poem at out World Poetry events and on the radio. Sometimes other groups ask me to read and if time permits, I am happy to do so. At WP events and monthly venues, we are a family of over 60 countries.

8. The poet is the unacknowledged legislator of the world.” Do you think the poet has a specific role to play in human affairs in this century? If so, what is it? 

I think all poets and creators have to stand up and work every day to make the world a better place, to create peace and harmony, to help create balance. As someone wise once said, “the only failure is inaction.” This is why we are standing up for peace and have launched the World Poetry Canada International Peace Poetathon which will blanket our world with peace.

9. What do you see as the biggest opportunity facing a poet today, as compared to 20 years ago? 

There is a lot more opportunities for poets with the internet, social media groups and self publishing opportunities. I was not active in the poetry world 20 years ago but this is what I think.

10. What do you see as the biggest challenge to a poet today, as compared to 20 years ago? 

The biggest challenge for a poet is to use their poetry to do good things for the world.

11.   What’s next for Ariadne Sawyer? 

I hope to publish my Love Poems to the World, 47 poems from creative dreaming. I hope to do more in my work since I love to see people transforming themselves. Last year, was a hard year for World Poetry and I gave up my work to keep us alive. I am starting again. I would like to do more dancing also, since that was my first love. With the polio problem, I had to learn how to walk again and cannot be a ballet dancer anymore but can do improve dances.  Also I hope that we can do another peace festival, our fourth.

INDIA through her verse


The home of many languages,
races coming together
celebrating colourful festivals,
rich musical traditions.

India, a guiding light of spirituality
A mixing place of Gods and religions.
providing a refuge for his holiness the Dalai Lama

You are the ancestral home of Gandhi and Tagore
creating a nation of poets, musicians and educators,
giving the world richness and knowledge.

Now it is time to help your poor,
ensure the rights of women,
educate your street children
Protect the environment, insure justice
Spend your riches wisely for the benefit of all your people.
Retain your culture, transform into balance.

India you have given civilization so much,
Look within and begin healing.
On butterfly wings I travel your land.
marveling at your beauty,
sending you my thanks and love.

meSurabhi Bhattacharjee  is Editor- in- chief of Asian -signature.