Adam levon Brown


Discombobulated Neurons

Fanatical, Farcical,


The nectar

Of paleontology

Into the decayed mouth

Of yet another corpse

Covered in rags.


The Ganges

Fills with the blood

Of Gods at the feet

Of the altar

Hidden behind

The moose lodge

That your father

Attends on a regular basis.


Violins     (albert sir pic)

The sound of slow violin makes me weep

But the sound of your voice carries me through fires

untamed as the outside world invites me to play

“Should I stay or should I go?”

The uneven mess that is my hair

says come closer, the empty glass

of coffee on my computer desk

yells at me, “Have another cup!”

The Earth is screaming at me, “Don’t waste!”

Divinity in my ears, saying to be a better person.

Narcissistic thoughts pop up and drag me through the snow,

while everything

surrounding me makes me humble.


Dream – It’s not illegal

Defining moments

never cease


The smell of

ginger pumpkin

placed in olfactories


Destiny? No


Human Behavior


not fate


The door

sits open


inviting all

to take a peek

but never enter


When will the sun

explode, who is

to say?


Make memories

you would be jealous of.

Adam levon Brown is a poet and author residing in Eugene, Adam3Oregon, United States.He enjoys the outdoors, photography, and cats. He has been published several places Including Section 8 magazine, Writing Raw, and The Bitchin’ Kitsch.