Amir Sarem

Nowruz (new day,The first day of the Year)

Each day is eternal new day everywhere on earth with you
Northern hemisphere southern hemisphere across the equator
Any moment any point is always the starting
Mm mm of this planet is endless wonders
All of the earth is remembrance everything is your notice
My eyes bright always upbeat
The most bitter pain transient the sky full of stars
I never laugh away from you
Lights are all gone
Everything strained
And infinitely sad world
To eyes visions to accesses
Away from you
I never laugh .

Noon at the station
When you arrive Left newspaper Was on the bench in the shade New-rise sun in the sky Visions were sliding in full of people street At there the same time Left newspaper is yet in the shadows The sun new rise that you arrive You arrived I looked at the ground that you came You arrive and new-rise sun The sun was just rising Maybe you Maybe.


Oblivion rhythm
Going people years hours Looking for their names and delusions Name delusion life delusion victory delusion And love delusion and pain delusion delusion of their me’s I have not lost my self I lost my name With think to you to human to the world To change at any moment From pre-tail to this tail the world has become another world This word has become another thing Everything becomes everything else In the impermanent time each word has become else Nameless Without any following and address I float in a vacuum From pre-tail to this tail Me has become another me.



Amir Sarem a poet from  Iran.