Amir Sarem


Red wooden wall

Pink wooden wall

Blue things not so clear looks set dumb

Drum bomb explosion the fire

Singing suddenly songs

Animal illuminated as if from another planet

It is a magical juggle

I have taken your hand among the viewers

You pretend it is view

I pretend we are going away

Near you ear hand in your hand

I quietly mumbled

You look at me in the dark

In darkness

I am watching you.


The invisible pyramid

Of a trice ago till trice then

Avoid close proximity crash

The joy of falling in a new angle

In a filament of time to reach the supposed error

Again happiness of start or bitter again restarted

Once in a while a brighter view

A right step a devious step again the right step maybe

It might be again to wend of a wend corner bitter hard

Even more bitter again to fall on the floor

It seems disheveled but It is not disheveled so much

Is unpredictable the path

Complex complex complex

Sometimes I forget here

Never the loneliness never you never death.



Stone on stone

Stencils of dream on stone

The walls of stone

The hopes of stone

The clamps of stone figures of stone

Nursing the stone

New roles on the stone

The role of stone

The stone again and again roles

The inadequate stones

And pupils that

Open in the dark




With The remainder shoes

Remainder footprints

All the beach in the sand fears remain

Small deception to die

Depraved depraved depraved

I remember it’s too long that you said nothing

And become more bitter everything

Maybe I merge at any moment

With your love with this effete breath

Distraught past has become more chromatic

The distraught way has become more chromatic

If I do not look at you


I forget.


With trees and grasses

Your perfume

Among these all strange smells

Escaped of all the houses of all the perfumes

More escaped of this room of this house

Escaped from me

Escaped of soil wall of tree

Escaped of my nose my eyes from my hands

Escaped of the silent memory

Escaped of the silent silent sky

Now here be and reminding you

And looking to the far and looking to the close

Your scent easy and cute passed of my silence

I stand here by passing your perfume of hope

Of my dreams empty hands of my awaking

Of this frozen sky

And the air does not become normal

Nothing become normal.


Words and apparels

The breathing hard clear on countable

I look to the soil to the cloud to the dust

To a brick at night a brick in day

To these all scant names

Infinity stars planets unknown points

Again looking to the sky to the earth to the human

To the home to the way

To the manufacturing and counting

To the secret of automated continue

To the insufficient of all the knowing end of awareness

Until to fruitless build up as much as mighty inadequate

To the last of sickness downright pain that other point

To the extremity of loneliness

To the end of this time

To attain of a sense of the pain has not before

To the resolution of silence

The words overflow of dams


Amir Sarem : He is a poet from Iran.Amir Sarem...