Here (in the courtyard)                                               1st Vol 1st Issue Dec 2013                                   

Ganesh sits among potted ferns,
under a mist from the construction site next door.
His namesake, an Ayurvedic practitioner,
asks me about meat, chocolate, milk, sleep, wine,
my movements, if my blood pressure is normal.

He holds my wrist like a flute, lifts his
index and middle fingers for moments,
tilting his head, sensing the push and flow,

which animal it might be like. Beside us,
the old woman finishes her tea
and returns to work, breaking up concrete
with a hammer and spike. Finally, he
says Vata – Snake, mostly Air. I can’t tell

if what I feel in his touch is more like love
or engineering. The Western body
is more pure, so our treatments are more powerful,
though most come just for massage.

He thrusts his hand towards me – Here,
we go deeper! – clears his throat again.
From across the laneway I hear Bob Marley,
Rebel music – the rooftop restaurant

Andy Jackson



Andy Jackson  is a poet based in Melbourne. His first full-length collection, Among the Regulars (papertiger media, 2010), was shortlisted for the Kenneth Slessor Prize. He has performed at dozens of events and festivals (including The Age Melbourne Writers Festival, Prakriti Poetry Festival [in Chennai, India], Goa Literary & Arts Festival, Australian Poetry Festival, Queensland Poetry Festival, Clifden Arts Festival [Ireland], Newcastle Young Writers Festival and Overload Poetry Festival), had poems published in avariety of print and on-line journals.With Rachael Guy, he won the 2009 Overload Poetry Festival City of Yarra Award for the Most Innovative Work for Ambiguous Mirrors, a poetry-puppetry collaboration.Andy’s poems have appeared in Heat, Going Down Swinging, Island, The Age, Cordite and Mascara. He has been awarded residencies from VictorianWritersCentre, Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers Centre (Perth) and Asialink.  He is also an infrequent collaborator with musicians, sound artists and other writers.