Sometimes ,I remember that distant evening
Spent with a redolent smell of our favorite brew
That last sunshine ,
Refracted from a smoky glass pane
Upon your eyes——-flowing with unspoken questions .
Silent walk beside The Ganga and our tired city
Sounds of traffic on age old bitumen
Crazy horn of bus with home bound commuters
Fading murmur of Passersby
Aroma of your sweaty hair mingled with perfume
And a breathless me
I know ,I never had anything to say ——-
But to feel that sometime
Revolves with days ,seasons ,years ————
Anupam Naskar

1393814_10151925045841348_961186456_nAnupam Naskar is a chemical Engineer & currently pursuing M.B.A .His poetry published from many National & International Journals. He is highly regarded for his love verse as well as realistic depictions of life and his command over colloquial speech. Tone and subject matter of his poetry is complete loss of self, seeming like one is floating, consumed by his own emotions.