Bengt O Björklund

I am called Erich in the movie Midnight Express

it is in the green

of the ancient night

summer flustered

with a spinning destiny

I hear trees talk


old trees young trees shrubs

humming like dynamos

with the I lost in breath

and a watery voice

beneath the calling

of so much more


a viscous night

runny with cockled sea

beneath a bright spring moon

pulls smooth water at will

in the eyes believing


man made waves roll

fish bite in the dark

mariner seaweed

teem with brutal extinction

the phantom is a feeding chain


the night is very old clock

a cockled watery pendulum

swinging spidery legs

over wet sand weight

where I one day will sleep




I never saw dragons

as full-fledged intentions

flying on flags or beer-mats

raucously scaled and fierce

breaking red fire

over bones and silly bards

hiding with their poetry

where lush grain

turns into liquid gold

and dead fish sizzles

in abandoned frying pans

early at light’s knife edge


the one still moves

small words around

in search of a solace

an aftermath

to roll like bright thunder

beneath the roaring sun

where serendipity and swans

tell the silent tales of trees

at the bottom of Spring Hill

where water is only water

teasing life with its dragon tense




the night smells of dark luminol

on old brittle parchments recoiling

with white skin boy dying


dark armies march with all men

one fire death can muster

in an old English garden


it is in the green of it

four-legged creatures begging

burn with pride


one rolled down the hill

just to please her

and her green eyes


one sat on windowsills

doved and sparrowed

before the tarped light


the tide was whisper sighs

ruling with slow eyes rolling

over spidery eddy beach


I see no reason now

to bereave the winged creature

his goodbye


Bengt O Björklund  The poet, artist, journalist, photographer, writer, BBBmusician and editor Bengt O Björklund was born in Stockholm 1949. In 1968 he landed in jail in Istanbul for $ 20 worth of hash and met a bunch of international artists, poets and musicians. It was then he embarked on his poetic and artistic voyage as well as learning to cook, do yoga and generally get a life. Because he was the only Swede in jail he started to write in English. The source of his inspiration in Turkey was his Japanese friend, the artist Koji Morrishita and the Italian artist, poet, and Dadaist Antonio Rasile.1975 Bengt met the American folksinger and gallery owner Joe Banks in Copenhagen. Joe offered Bengt to exhibit his oil paintings at the gallery, which he did. That was his first public exhibition.One year later Det genombrutna fönstret (Breaking through the window), his first book of poetry, was published at Inferi. The Inferi magazine also frequently published the accounts of his travels through Europe. Two years later Inferi published Nådsökarna (Seekers of grace), his second book of poetry.1983, after living a few years up in north of Sweden touring with a rock and reggae band, he moved to Brazil after having been invited by Beto Quadros. For one year he toured the state of Sao Paolo with a Brazilian band together with his American wife Rose.1990 Bengt returned from Brazil to Sweden. He had during those years worked as a musician, a presenter of rock music on a radio station in São José dos Campos, baker, and English teacher. The last three years he ran his own employment agency in one of Rio’s favelas together with Mara, a Brazilian woman he met in a bar in Copacabana.1996, the same year he met his current wife Gertrude; he met the American artist Harvey Tristan Cropper. That was the start of a new artistic era and at the same a continuation of the work he had started in the mid seventies.Since the late nineties Bengt has published his poetry on the Internet. Since then he has been published in many Swedish anthologies and he has published three more books of poetry. Bengt has written in English since his Turkish days, mostly because no one understood his mother tongue Swedish, but it is not until now, he feels, that his English words have made peace with his intention. And it is not until this year, 2015; his English poems are being published by publisher in Wales from where his favorite poet, Dylan Thomas, comes.Since year 2000 Bengt works as a journalist on É Romani Glinda, Sweden’s only Roma paper and he has been the editor of Aurora, a poetry magazine that is published four times a year, for four years.