Blue rain

with this page before me
waiting to catch their moisture
there are times when words
no longer fall freely
from the blue, white
and grey sky

and on those days i take
the lavender bowl to
the barrel beneath
the corner eve of the house

i draw from barrel’s surface
the wet words
floating there

then with tongs
dripping black ink
i separate and pull words
from the bowl
and place them gently
on a page

and they
content to be there

but their heart
still floating
in yesterday’s sky


I am a potter

i was born a potter
my father before me
was a potter
as was his father
before him

it is my heritage

it becomes my destiny

to make bowls
for a world that has
no soup


took the brush
from my fingers

and painted
the colour
of its night
on the back
of my hand

and i could smell
her breath
of roses
and could taste
the blood
on her thorn

and there was
a passionate fire
in her eyes
neither anger
nor lust

and she told me
of a time when
there was
no poetry

nothing symbolic
no canvas
or brush
or back
of a wrist

and a time when
all things carried
but their own face

and of a time

of everything
walking backward
and with all their
eyes closed

Bruce Kauffman lives in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and is a poet, writer,550634_4913512324859_1961146872_n freelance editor and workshop facilitator. His published work includes a chapbook of poetry, seed (The Plowman, 2005), and a stand-alone poem, “streets” (Thee Hellbox Press, 2009). Since 2011, he has edited 4 anthologies and was the editor of a number of published books.His work has been published in a number of periodicals and anthologies and has appeared in two plays. He has had 3 full collections of poetry published: The Texture of Days, in Leaf and Ash(Hidden Brook Press, 2013), a seed within (Hidden Brook Press, 2013), and The Silence Before the Whisper Comes (Hidden Brook Press, 2013).In 2009 he created and continues to host a monthly open-mic reading series (‘poetry @ the artel’). In 2010, created and also continues to host a weekly spoken word radio show on CFRC 101.9fm in Kingston (‘finding a voice’). And in 2012, began facilitating ‘intuitive writing’ workshops. He is the Acquisitions and Poetry Editor for Wintergreen Studios Press, is a member of the Board for Queen’s Poetry Slam as Community Outreach Commissioner, is a Canadian editor for the CCLA’s The Ambassador, and freelance edits as well.