Schizophrenic rain danced
violently across
the medal roof

Two lovers awakened in the
tempest fury,
souls revived

A relationship ignited by
a silver cloud
twisted upside down

Their last night
phosphorescent sorrows
howling whisperers of denial

Crowning kisses
bodies encased
in a pharmaceutical straightjacket

We confound
Paralyzed visions
Beyond the rain.

To your arms
The traveler
comes singing.

Cries from
A phonograph record,
The dance of logic.

Reflecting inward speech
And shadows that
Are perceived.

Reality vexes
the mind,
behind the eyes.

Adrift and detached
on the road
to nowhere.


For a moment
Frozen at the window
A peaceful vision glorifies.

The placid tree thrusts into
Our luminous sky.
Letting go in death

A dull gold leaf
Dancing slowly
To its grave of memories.

Carl Scharwath’s work appears internationally with over fifty published603859_637205729638924_2115029154_n poems and six short stories. He recently won the National Poetry Contest award on behalf of Writers One Flight Up. The poem was selected and critiqued by Vivian Shipley a Pulitzer Prize nominee. His first poetry book “Journey To Become Forgotten” was published by Kind of a Hurricane Press. His art photography were featured in the Conclave Journal and Edgar Allen Poet.