Caroline Nazareno a.k.a. Ceri Naz

If only i can sing you this song

i know it won’t be easy
to be what you want to see
in a moment of make believe
your face my dreamland
your heart my petrichor’s symphony
on this piano
of my life

i see you in joys and sorrows
canoeing through the waterbeds of infinity
when the lights start to flicker
like the hands of time
of free will’s fireflies
in your eyes
like love
i think of the big bang growth
in the cells of defining evolution
i hear the medley of adagios
in the calming chords
of your kisses
where crossroads of the chilling nights
resembling the shadows of multiplied warmth

you are the music
the song that my ears fonder to listen
sounding like the prime harmonicas
dwelling in orchid-butterflies
undrain reminisces and essentials
where keys of the non-collapsible you
always in me

© Ceri Naz 2013


Opalescent Outflows

It’s 15th of the calendar
Calling a reservation, dine in for two
At the best French cuisine
Had the best Amanti Vino sip
Eiffel couldn’t explain the towering excitement
From celebrating nerves
Temptations of the whirling trumpets
From Tibetan to Paris waterspout
It showers eerily, knocking crazy
The cackles from the windows, then towards
The witnessing cold-wither-proof rooftop
Invite his body to wrap me
All around
And the pulling force exaggerates
Bed stories filling all the corners of the room
‘twas a game of murmurs , beats and bites
Then on and on, naked surrealism
Yelling trajectory of giggles
The monsoon blessed the ecstasy
The would be another Harlequin’s whispers
Of sweet nothings
On a rainy day,
An exclaimed anniversary.

(C) Ceri Naz 2015

143 Retrograde

herenow, i let you go
143 million miles away from the sun
take my vow to Olympus Mons
red, red, butterscotch beauty
explosions of Martian poetry
i will glide with the auroras
i will catch the stardust
i will find the hypnotic transits
to reach the meteors of love
© Ceri Naz 2014


I think of a mastercupid
Of the aperture
From a decade or more
I am mesmerized by the back shadows
Taking a portrait of me
I cannot see the face
I cannot describe the lightings
Poking me from a distance
I can only get the range of expressions
The range of shots, the beaming captures
I am about to printsync the timeline
But I can feel the goose bumps
When I read the watermark
And the continuous shooting mode
In my heart, in my mind
I am a secret admirer
Of your creative lens

© Ceri Naz 2014


Caroline Nazareno a.k.a. Ceri Naz is a multi-awarded poet, editor, journalist,CZ public speaker, linguist, educator and women’s advocate.She was chosen as World Poetry International Director to Philippines by the World Poetry Canada and International. She won several International Prizes including The Frang Bardhi Literary Prize 2014 in Albania, the sair-gazeteci ( Poet Journalist Award 2014) in Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey and the World Poetry Empowered Poet 2013 in Vancouver, Canada. Her poetry have been published and featured in various book anthologies and magazines worldwide.She’s a member of Asia Writers Pacific and Translators ( APWT) and The Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID). Currently, she writes for the Philippine Canadian Inquirer and Our Poetry Archive e-journal.