Your Smile
Your smile
is the only poem in the world
that I failed to write.
A beautiful woman’s body

A beautiful woman’s body
Is pretty much like poetry

It stirs imagination.

One day,
All the people we saw in our life
leave us in solitude…

Just like the drops of water
Leaving the topmost part of the hills

Every year
We change calendar
And hang a new one
in the precarious walls of time

Every month
We change the pages of calendar
And never turn it back

How many times do we see our own image
In front of a mirror and
Discover grey hair, fallen teeth, wrinkled skin and
all the shades of changes

Pages of calendar change every month
Seasons change several times a year
People come and go just like the seasons
Relations start and break
Time changes in its own elegance

Things that always remain the same-
Are just the memories

 Civa Bhusal ;Hailing from Kathmandu, Nepal; Civa Bhusal, 21, is a final yearciva student of Computer Engineering and he loves writing poetry and fiction, in both Nepali and English and loves watching cricket. His works have been published in The Kathmandu Post, The Applicant, The Writer’s Asylum and The New Asian writings.