Daniel Moskowitz


They felt
That it was necessary
To Sacrifice Environmental Concerns
In order to Develop the Economy,
But they forgot
That the Sustainability of the Environment
The Economy to thrive.
The Consequence of Environmentally Unsustainable Development
Is Environmental Destruction
And Economic Collapse.
The Earth can’t support Life
And the Economy
Can’t support Families
Any more


Escort to Heaven

When Jacob Epstein died,
Rabbi Arthur Cohen presided over his funeral.
After the Mourners recited Kaddish,
Family and friends were all allowed
To share their impressions of the Deceased.
First, Jacob’s wife, Leah spoke.
“Jake was the biggest Cheapskate….”
The Biggest Tightwad I’ve ever known,”
“But I loved him even though he was a stingy Bastard!”
Then, Jacob’s son, Noah Epstein,
Spoke to the Congregation and Guests.
“To be honest, I felt that I never really knew my Dad.”
“I don’t feel that I ever really connected with him at all.”
“I wish I could say that I loved him, but his mind”
“Was always on other things besides me.”
Then, Jacob’s daughter,
Ruth Epstein spoke to  the Group.
“Dad was cool in some ways, but he liked to flirt with my friends.”
“Isn’t that kind of creepy?”
“His behavior caused me to feel embarrassed”
“I wish he could have been more discreet.”
Then, a mysterious, young, Mexican Woman
Spoke to the Group of Mourners.
She was so stunningly beautiful,
With bewitching eyes, and dark, earthy complexion.
Jacob’s Family, Business Partners,
And the Congregants of Beth Shemesh Synagogue
All Suspected that this Woman must have been.
Jacob’s mistress.
They began whispering into each other’s ears.
She introduced herself.
“My Name is Guadalupe Herrera.”
“I was very close with Mr. Epstein.”
“He always did everything he possibly could to help me.”
“I knew that you people, who act”
“As if you were close to him,”
“Really hated his guts,”
“But I tried to comfort him……however  I could.”
” I constantly feared that Mr. Epstein”
“Would sink into a dangerous cycle of addiction”
“To Alcohol and Drugs.”
“When he fell into a Panic, I would feel compelled”
“To stay by his side even if I had to lie with him all day.”
“Many of you probably wish”
“That Mr. Epstein would go Straight to Hell,”
“But I know my Lord, Jesus Christ will Escort him”
“Straight to Heaven”
“Where I am sure I will meet him someday.”
At that, Guadalupe Herrera
Made the Sign of the Cross on her chest
And burst into tears,
The Family, Business Partners and  Congregants
Of  Beth Shemesh Synagogue
All Fell Silent
In a Collective Gasp of Shock!



Syria (The Mantra of Nihilists)

To Hell with all Facades of Civilization!
To Hell with Humanity!
To Hell with Spirituality!
To Hell with Compassion!
Let’s just make Money
By profiting off the deaths
Of Innocent People instead!

danielDaniel Moskowitz

He is a revolutionary poet .