Dmitry Garanin


With my money and my devotion
I was building my family house..
Unemployment, bankruptcy, foreclosure..
Where do I go with my spouse?

I tried to live my life in compliance.
Went my affirmative way..
Drug abuse, molestation, gun violence:
Why do they keep me at bay?

I was working out to improve my health.
To be fit for my job and my life..
Diabetes, blood pressure, obesity:
Would you care for me if I’d die?

In the park how delightful are roses!
They’re decorating my day..
Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis..
I’m on the way..



While finances require a drainage,
with my problems I am all right.
In the distribution of damage
I’m on the receiving side.

It’s a trick to avoid foreclosure.
Unemployment, blocked credit card..
Went to bank and tried to negoti-
..ate me raw as a healthy Swiss chard!

I’m not poor, still a bit underprivileged.
Challenged, screwed up, still I’m pro-life.
I’m committed to keeping my image
Positive in the strife.





You gave me a kiss per Skype
during my physics lecture
going to bed in Germany
in a shifted time zone.

I was doing my best
to explain to my students a fraction
just as your juicy kiss
resounded on its own.

My subject that was too dry
through this became animated.
Girls have given a sigh
scratching with their nails.

Standing before the class
I’m good, I am getting mated.
Human, beloved to all,
even if someone fails.


Having a heart attack
I was in distress and crouched
toward the pavement, as you
compassionately approached.

“Are you OK?” you asked
by my situation alerted.
I uttered: “No problem. I’m fine!”,
having my voice distorted.

I could be dying, indeed,
by an ambulance taken
but under no circumstance
my image could be forsaken.

If my weakness be seen,
if I become immobile
in need of a real help –
you’ll be the first to rob me!


As we went home after work,
it started snowing.
The evening traffic was in lock-
-step hardly flowing.

Still full of people, BX-12s
crept “Out of Service”.
It wasn’t going to be well,
we feared, as always,

for we had nowhere to hide
in snow, as hounds,
while limos wouldn’t give us a ride
on legal grounds.


Dmitry Garanin was born in Moscow in mid-50th and his youth fell dwithin the concluding stagnation period of the “developed socialism”. Dmitry graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in Dolgoprudny and worked as theoretical physicist. In 1992 emigrated to Germany and worked at different universities. Since 2005 professor at Physics Department of Lehman College of the City University of New York. Author of about 130 scientific papers. Fellow of the American Physical Society (2013).

Dmitry wrote poetry in Russian during 1978-84 and 1988-89 but hasn’t published and had no contacts with literary circles. In 2012 resumed writing poetry. Author of 13 books of poetry in Russian and one book of poetry in English. His first set of poems in English has been published in Asian Signature in 2014,

DmitryGaranin, USA, New York (alsoGermany, Baden-Baden),