Ebi Robert

5th vol  No 1 (July 2018)



I am a woman, not a man
Yet I’m a woman that is a man
I am the changing chameleon
That has several colours in a million

I can’t be kept in a barn
And be likely bundled as the yams
I can be many things a man can
I can even handle the arms

I am the builder of the Home
And not the muted-muse of Rome
I have the ripen right to Vote
Like every man of the Home

I can make and mark the vault
I even drive the beach-bye boat
I can serve and save Africa
Like Adedevoh did to Ebola

You must seek my consent first
Before you get under my skirt
Do not treat me as a bitch
That can be mated on a Pitch

Smell the sweetness of my smell
And get the fatness of my meal
I’m that womb that bore you
In seven months and two


A woman, like the eye of a needle, the world passes through —- Ebi Robert

Code of Death (Half + Close To Half)

The code we receive in-
The code he receives in
Seems correct, he receives it
Erring we, when we answer
This is what we receive in-
Our personality, persons we be
Inaccurate, incomplete, five plus one
And six and three plus three
It is in and not pasted on the face

The Code we receive in will die-
And seven and seven and six plus one
Will then be in them like the half
Plus close-to-half that operated

The code of death is a wisdom missed

It dies next tomorrow
Next tomorrow is a day before yesterday
Behold the day to follow-
Past, as we quote and quote
Before the judgment seat of senses
That code of death was
Interpreted long before day perishes

There are only few not marked-
There are only a few not enemies


Seven and seven and six plus one will then be in them like the half plus close-to-half that operated —- Ebi Robert


Like Leicester leading the league
Africa can, with mettle lead the global-league
We have the brains, grains and rains
And the yellow sun ruling the days

We have the strength, bone and might
Ready to dust the ground; ready to fight
We fought against western colonialism
We can raid red routine rat, rated racism

We can also nail neo-colonialism
And crucify any other foreign ism
All we need is our Mahrez, Kante, and Vardy
And our valiant eight ever ready

Whether you’re a Nigerian, Algerian or Kenyan
You all are blacks and always African
Never say: ‘it’s hard, it’s tight or we can’t’
You can if you are only united as the ant

Yes, one ball and one black team
Africa can always fulfill her dream
With the ardent legs ready on the pitch
Africa can win this waxing witch

Though, different tongues speak we may
We can understand ourselves during the day
And with a united states of Africa
Tell me if we cannot lead thereafter


Never say: ‘it’s hard, it’s tight or we can’t’,
You can if you are only united as the ant. —— Ebi Robert

Ebi Robert is from Nembe/Egweama in Bayelsa State of Nigeria; a state in the Southern part of Nigeria. He is a legal practitioner, poet, essayist, freelance writer, novelist and editor. He is the author of the African Drama “An Empty Kingdom” published by ‘Patridge Africa’ and ‘Bulkibon Books’. He has written many poems and contributed to many National and International Books, ezines, journals and magazines. The award winning writer propounded ‘Advisory Oposicion’, and the famous theory of Youthtocracy. Ebi Robert is an International Advisor with International Authors, USA. He is also the Secretary of the Association of Nigerian Authors, Bayelsa State chapter, a Research Assistant at the Federal High Court, Nigeria, Co-Editor of TheNigeriaLawyer, as the well the founder of THE DELTA LITERATURE and Literafrik.com. He is also the Acting Director of Peace December, Bayelsa State Chapter, a Non Governmental Organization based in the US.