Eftichia Kapardeli

Of sacrifice and love

Oh! simplicity
endless soul
Persons meets
many flowers
a beauty you bruise

And your flower Selected
the weather and
Love the beams of the sun scatters

Sacrifice and Love
meet each other in the middle of the times
a hidden sheet
among the crowds
noise of souls

sacrifice and love
the heap of wheat
the harvesting of fields
tilted, bent on timeless century
the large spike
Love and sacrifice
a winning body
The heart and soul overflows
shoots similar in stature
the miracle
sovereign, inseparable

And the fate of the unbound members
the same paper
the same prayer
Joined credit
the holy kiss grows
Sacrifice and love … ..

Brother of love
all now fallen silent
in the great pain
and in the lament of the times
seed, fruit, flower
in these roots
on the soil to spill
the kindness, the love,
the heart, the soul
the redemption.


Oh! scents, Oh! innocent body
Light uranium
displaced whole soul
in this tender
sea of human moments
wind steals

In older homes
in large squares
in common usage
the end times
hidden worlds
Light secret clairvoyance
The heavens donation
a thousand eyes
a blue seduction


The silence in
streets tireless
the hiker wins
And in rain
the ultimate time
concise relives

In tears of people the promise
the wheaten bread and caress
is made of pain and kindness

Each dawn name
Blessed is he where
do not forget ,he who touches hearts
venerable love and affection
born and Booming

Dr. Kapardeli Eftichia has a Doctorate from ARTS AND CULTURE WORLD ifACADEMY . Born in Athens and live in Patras.She writes poetry, stories, short stories, xai-kou , essays, novels. It deals with the painting Participate in treble choirs as a soprano She studied journalism AKEM (Athenian training center).He has many awards in national competitions first, second and third prizes Her work there is to many national and international anthologies.