Geosi Gyasi


the day ends before the night
begins to crawl into the aged
knees of a lonely grandma
the moon that watches over
the night menstruates profusely
over a spate of twelve sorrowful
hours; her red shot eyes shoots
deep into the crust of the earth
too soon the heart pants for breath
as dawn breaks into the moist helpless
clouds & the moon buried
into a temporal handmade
coffin awaiting judgement
in her wardrobe, grandma
left a dark secret
tightly knotted at the tip
of her GTP cloth.
mother’s nursing hands
caressed her body into
the root of a fallen Odum
tree. in London, the seed
she planted 40 years ago
received the news
without a heart:
when auntie Broni
demanded of a death
certificate before she
would send money
for her funeral.
the coffin refused
to enter the belly
of the earth until
the cloth was unknotted:
a tiny feminine effigy showed up
forthwith——a certain gust of wind
blew across the cemetery
’til the abusuapanin 
poured into the ground
three bottles of schnapps
to pacify the ancestors.




Mother naked her store

to secure a spot for me

at the university to study

the economics of life

the bookish professors

bestowed upon my head

on the graduation day

a third class of the class

of 2010. Under the shed

of a cloudy congregation,

tears dripping off the ground

from the thwarted eyes

of mother. she punitively

punches the air, for the

mood the moody clouds

shed on our heads

she bemoans:

this same day 10 years

ago, when father threw

her out of his house.



The tears

That flowed from

Your eyes has

Reached the

Deep valleys

Of my heart

I remember,

The years gone by

You wrapped a

Wet towel around

My sick body

Till the sun and earth

Merged to wipe out

Your overflowing tears

I grew out of the void

Papa left you with

The remaining darkening

Days, I shall invite

The sun into your tomb

And you shall become

A thing of the light.

Geosi Gyasi is a book blogger, reader, writer, and interviewer. HisGEOSI GYASI work has appeared or forthcoming in Visual Verse, Verse-Virtual, Piker Press, Misty Review, Silver Birch PRESS, Linden Avenue, Expound, Tuck Magazine and elsewhere. He is the author of the forthcoming book, “Geosi Interviews Fifty Writers Worldwide” (2016) from Lamar University Press Books in Texas, U.S. He is the winner of the 2015 Ake/Air France Prize for Prose. He blogs at