Kapardeli Eftichia


Adorn the life with love
the great destiny
eyes trapped in future
God of love

Growing at all times
those who love conspire
and heart weight without crashing, keep
and does not buckle, flower defoliation
and blooms

Lives were in confident heavens
free with God similar
submerged, omnipotent
of old
prison …
and when the day conquer
nonstop blooming

It stars pieces primitive
without interpretation, invisible
love works.


Spring gentle rain

Through the thin shadow
the small cloud
a sudden peaceful, humble
spring gentle rain
irrigates the soil


From music and
frantic dance
the most
small forgotten
grass awakening
are delivered, thirstily


In this hugging the
full of smells
Sun lowers
smiling again winner
the calcined stones
the rain thousands of kisses
he had left.


New Era

Bare to the invitation
wolves the
friends at the erosion
and the falling
give birth vanishing desires
with subjection patterns
in seduction games

In fossil tree
of courtyard that
painted children in
flash of lightning
and at calcined wind
the Eagle’s Nest built

I wake up from the dance secret
of rain the erotic body of the earth
New Era

In winter light
in the city of your eyes
wings colorful pinned
butterfly of your dreams.

Dr. Kapardeli Eftichia has a Doctorate from ARTS AND CULTURE WORLD ACADEMY.Born in Athens and live in Patras.She writes poetry, stories, short stories, xai-kou , essays, novels.