Kapardeli Eftichia


 Oh! scents, Oh! innocent body

Light uranium

displaced whole soul

in this tender

sea of human moments

wind steals




In older homes

in large squares

in common usage

the end times

hidden worlds

Light secret clairvoyance

The heavens donation

a thousand eyes

a blue seduction




The silence in

streets tireless

the hiker wins

  And in rain


the ultimate time

concise relives



In tears of people the  promise

 the wheaten bread and caress

is made of pain and kindness



Each dawn name


Blessed is he where

do not forget ,he who touches hearts

venerable love and affection

born and Booming




 A beautiful little flower

roots stretching

small suns

joins in the dark


Tear the heart, you …….

the fingers of dawn

absolute beauty

equivalent ornament


Lily of the wind

to  lap

golden fire

secret passage of love


Oh! hon booming

the soul trembles, the gentle kiss

and I,

mature wise

and alone

remotely in love

Ah! how much I want to tell you

I never dared



Immaculate mistress

Crevasse in the rock
a slender stalk
tear of the Virgin
The soft smell
with spilled paint
dressed soul
first kiss
Immaculate mistress
The Rose Cowards
Gold and blonde’s
sun collecting


 sweet beauty

 In tranquil look

closes the circle

the sweet little village life

with ruby cheeks

with big eyes

shining like

Candles lit

hands eagerly

hair curly roses

sweet delight confusing

in the teeth of

in the sugary mouth

sweet beauty



Grow up
behind the Sun.
cold greedy flowers
the rhythm of winds
colorless delivered
Grow up
the persistence
a disobedient spark
burns over the years
the secret of wear
Grow up
hugs a protest
and people Flowers
that flourished Cuckold
a Red Moon
thirsty for truth
freedom to love
At night everything
be late
will lean to light
be free.

Dr. Kapardeli Eftichia has a Doctorate from ARTS AND CULTUREEFTICHIA KAPARDELII FEB NEW WORLD ACADEMY.Born in Athens and live in Patras.She writes poetry, stories, short stories, xai-kou , essays, novels.She studied journalism AKEM (Athenian training center), University of Cyprus in Greek culture.He has many awards in national competitions.

Is a member of the IWA (international writers) ,the world poets society. The official website is http://world-poets.blogspot. com and honored by the Indian Academy and made the drafting of Peace Anthology