Luz María López



Mainak Bagchi’s photography

roots set deep within
mother earth’s soul
sweetly becoming
eternal reverie
they echo frantic calls
and the blooming magnolia
flakes purple and pink hues
palpitations cover the soil
lucid dream enchantment
a new song strokes the heart
of the expectant soil
tantalizing all senses
so lovers under the canopy
render to inborn passion
kiss their lips
turning all illusion
into ephemeral


as the colors of
lucid dreams
swaying away emotions
a slow-tempo ballet
flowing above reality
for deep in the throb
of every given kiss
a spell got written
and while it rants
between truth and wish
it plunges
getting swallowed
by oceanic waves
their torment
so they forget
that love also

Millenarian Chants

a sorceress
spreads its wings

a timeless
cosmic ritual

millenarian chants
enlighten the soul

wisdom and lust render
their ultimate divination



The Air Between Us
look at me, dear,
today is the third day
the time to walk over the clouds
and I opened my eyes
seeking beyond reasons
the path that my heart
is calling for
you know magic is a spark of light
one never fully understand its mysteries
but do wisely feel sentient clamors
grasping the breath
premonitions they are
rushing through the veins
how can I ignore them
if its voice is telling to follow
on its steps?
so here I am
walking over the clouds
all the way to your


Poetry in Blue

 weaving lanterns

sowing moons in their windows

fish and dragonflies stories

night birds

seven millenarian chants

swaying in precious silence

sheltering these smiles

because it is the time now

the conceived time!

when the existence sighs

in such a gentle breeze

opening the path

that wells up from the depths

of all mysteries


on the far side of the sea

the infinite breath of God

keeps tying us

in divine balance

a universe without

dead times.

Luz María López from Puerto Rico. She is Continental Director luzWorld Festival of Poetry (WFP). As well as she is activist of Poetic Front in Defense of Women’s Rights (WM). Winner of Pentasi B “Universal InspirationalPoet” Award 2016