Moskowitz Daniel

The Barrier between Us
The Wall
That cut across the City of Bethlehem
On the Occupied West Bank
Actually continues Across the Mediterranean Sea,
Dividing North Africa From Europe.
It continues Into the Atlantic Ocean
Dividing Sub-Saharan Africa From North Africa.
Then, when it comes into the United States,
It still divides
The Union from the Confederacy….
North from South.
I can feel that Wall from Bethlehem
Running through a Coffee Shop Here in Denver,
Dividing me from the Person next to me.
We’re breathing the same air,
But we can’t talk
With one another.



The Illusion Is better than Reality.
Fantasizing about an experience Is better than experiencing it.
Dreams Are oftentimes better Than the Actuality.
The Feeling of Desire Is frequently better
Than getting What we want.
Chasing after things Is,
Better than catching up with them.
Observing Is frequently more enjoyable
Than participating.
Competing Is more enjoyable
Than Being the Winner.
The Realm of the Hungry Ghosts
Seems more fulfilling
Than Apathy about It All


We can’t all be angels.

We can’t all be angels
Some of our wings
Get tarnished by toxic waste
During Oil Spills
Like Pelicans or Albatross.
We try to fly
But we just get shot down
‘Cause the Hunters think That it’s duck hunting season
And an Angel Looks like a Sitting Duck.
If we try TOO HARD,
To be Angels,
We’re likely to become Devils instead.
When the Skies become Dangerous,
We just bury ourselves In the Muck like Moles
The Darkness becomes our Safety
In our Subterranean Lairs.


No Man’s Land

We’re in control of this Place.
We’ve taken charge
Of this No Man’s Land.
We don’t need the United States
Or the U.N. to recognize our Authority.
If you refuse to conform to our edicts
We’ll simply blast you to bits
If you come here,
You’ve got to submit to our Rules,
Our Laws,
And our Commands,
Even then,
We might be suspicious of you
If you’re an Outsider.
We call the shots.
But we don’t HAVE TO make any sense.
“Making Sense”,
As you define it.
Doesn’t make sense to us.
So, to Hell with it all!
If you want to lecture us
About Human Rights,
Women’s Rights
Or Education,
Give us a few million dollars first.
Then, we’ll listen to you for a little while
But we can’t guarantee you
That you’ll be alive
When we’re done listening to your Sermon.
We don’t really give a damn
About that sort of Humanitarian Bullshit.
That’s for wealthy children to learn about
In Elite Private Schools
In Paris, New York, or London.
It isn’t the type of Thinking
That makes any sense
Out here in the Bush.
Here’s it’s all about who can Assert Power
And the Men with the Guns
Are the ones Call the Shots.
This is not a Movie
With some Hollywood Director
Rolling a Videocamera
It’s all about Survival here.
Do you think that we ENJOY this way of Life?
No way!
We loved to farm.
We tried to raise cattle and goats
But the rains aren’t reliable any more
The crops wither and die
The animals starve.
It’s a lot easier
To kidnap the President’s Daughter
And hold her for ransom.
There’s no big deal
We just take the spoiled girl
Off her parent’s hands for awhile.
If we let her go
She’d just demand a BMW from them
And Tuition Fees for an education in the west.
She’d just be blackmailing her Parents
Instead of Us extorting money from them.
So, what’s the difference?
Don’t worry.
We have no intention of gang raping the girl
We’re not really those kinds of guys.
That’s just the image you’ve gotten about Us
From the Western Media
To make us look bad
Because they don’t want us
To be taken seriously by anyone
We’ll just force her
To listen to OUR SIDE of the Story for a little while
She might become enthusiastic about it and think,
“Hey, Those guys are really intelligent.”
“It’s my parents who are the Idiots!”
She might even decide
That she would rather be our Advocate
Than our Slave.
After all,
We aren’t stupid people, you know?
We just focus more
On getting what we want
Than on how you’re supposed to do go about getting it.
Everyone knows that they need to
Defer to us around here
The official Government
Doesn’t really administer this Area anyways
It’s fallen into Neglect.
So, we know how to rule this No Man’s Land
Through Terror.
Because we that’s actually what works.
It’s not because we’re really
Terrorism isn’t an Ideology
It’s just a way of getting things done.
The Government officials
Are too busy
Enjoying their drunken orgies
And their Junkets to Paris and Rome
To give a damn
About this Place
They think,
“Who CARES about those Maniacs?”
“If they rule in the Bush,”
“It’s one less headache for Us.”
So, we’re actually doing them a Favor,
By running a Part of the Country
That they don’t really care about.
Then, they feel free
To go Play Golf with Barack Obama
Or whatever the Hell they want to do.

Moskowitz Daniel is  a revolutionary poet from Denver Colorado.ds