Ojo Taiye


I will never forget you, Ovie

Ovie, I will never forget you

Ovie, I am full of regret for you, my night, my sun…

It is spring time:

the rum that sets my memory ablaze

I have rediscover your name

Name that was hidden so long under the pain of separation

And your tears like a flame piercing the shadows

Has revealed my undying Philo beyond the snow of yesterday

Ovie, I will declaim your name to the thousand stars above

the swaying palms rustling in the high night breeze

I will pronounce to them your love

Love that I cannot forget

Love that are maps to heaven

Maps to happiness

Love that are soft dreams in blue sky:

Sanctum from my fears

Love that are talk-drums,

Piano’s, lulling babes to sleep

Love that forges smiles

Into sweet memories

Never, never, ever

Should I forget you, Ovie?

Your images sit comfortably in my mirror

Reeling off secret haunts

Nights lost in long grass

Ovie, I will never forget you



Cold water

in sweet memoirs of the past

when the light of a darkling sky

is all I could ever see:

blurry images

of a billow future

basking in the foray

of unfinished tutorials

when submitable became

the heaven were prayers

are incensed to

waiting for answers

in future tense

were the supposed reply

isn’t like cold water

to a famished soul

with embolden alphabets

that garbs leprosy colony

in such despondent state

you still despair

the agony of quitting

believing the quill

could pay your bills

and buy the joy tomorrow offers

after a burnt out night

an emissary

from the borders of another home

an African post man

gives you a souvenir

from a thankful heart

that loves the imageries

in your mirror

how beautiful and soothing your

message of hope was

the soulful sermon

you preach

written in white and black

on the canvas in human raiment

of the sweeping tides

of a patriarchal society

that makes others less

the golden baton

of love that spreads in your punctuations

and the in between pats on the shoulders of

poser questions

the linearity of your courage

to bend the bureaucratic nature of

dilapidated structures

sprawling around as democrats

living of our bounties



Eternal truths

 home is not a portion of earth

Neither is it country dawn

nor city light

home is the fate beyond the sun

beyond feelings and time

a sanctum for lambs

a burning belly for dogs

a fatality for both wisdom and foolishness

thither – finally, when this noose is


Ojo Taiye is a young Nigerian who uses poetry as a handy tool toOjo Taiye hide his frustration with the society. I’m a twenty- three-year-old microbiology graduate from Tansian University. I love books and Anime in that order. Taiye, has some of his muddled thoughts published and forthcoming in a few e-magazine such as Kalahari Review, Tuck magazine, Lunaris Review, Elsewhere, whispersinthewind33 and so on.