Saleh Mazumder


I pretend but
do not tend
to ever start to hate you.
Since you left this town,
it was never like I really had you,
nor did you take me as your man.
We built such relations within desire
without really caring or knowing how
to give for our self-consciousness
Ironically our passions only took place
beneath our passing time’s womb.
My thoughts now
are but a mere tracing
of my love I still have in you.
Since then, as we both know,
we crafted to grow
our little garden
to only soothe hope.
And in my heart
there was never
nothing less for you.
I still cannot hate you
even though you’re not the one
who will belong with me
in the days ahead.
Yet, I just cannot
fake it anymore;
for we didn’t connect
our love together just so physically
nor did we often declare it
like crazed maniacs often do.
For if we did, this may not be
how things have been written now.
For I still cannot find you in me
nor really even hate you
with everything I have left
We will find our redemption

within this heartless mess.

You may never even know
how I often struggle now
to not begin to hate you,
dragging myself through this
all over again and again.
Wishing that we
could have seen
divine’s loving blooming
in our amazing little garden
that was just for you and me.
This thought brings me nearer to you,
giving me some peace, even though
we will never see it grow!

Divine pattern
All time has passed, of those temptation’s swaying,
for heart’s fervent moments speak into Divines words.
Day after day, we await the embraces of new dawns
carrying their sparkling through seven seas of unsung love.

Seems like all the briskness of spring is often soaring
to fly again, upon these trickling windy days of rain.
Ecstasy is splashing throughout its swirling breaths,
into all love’s ragging veins, just to be truly loved again.

Into sweet moments, we’ll muse to become crawling,
up from the past we have only lived, to be sung and loved.
Once again, we are sparkling into every sway of heart
as heart’s fervent words call to sing for all our love.

This dawn may fall short upon the worldly jagged path
that we must cross and dream on, for a little while longer.
Our divine brings forth, into moments so dear and near
a calling that speaks, forever clear, as our unsung love.

Vain Lover
The day you held me
in your tender arms
and swore aloud
to the spring winds above
our heaven and earth
that you loved me
more than anything,
all time stood silently still.
Yet, remained whispering
to linger inside the garden
of our rhythmic heart.
I was holding my breath long,
letting my tongue keep quiet.
Now that you have flown away
and left me here all alone
to bury love in that rose garden
you had crafted inside me
It has been turned, like me
into a graying graveyard!

Saleh Mazumder ,is a business professional, published author and featured528007_485757631473803_1775650418_n poet of World Poetry Canada and International. He the winner of empowered poet 2013 award by the World poetry Canada and International, held at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC, Canada. His poetry has been  featured several times on cooperative radio by the World Poetry Cafe Radio Show. He is the creator of World Poetry Feast global poets community where hundreds of published poet across the glob rehearsing their work. He is currently associating as an editor of an American based literary magazine; has contributed his poetry to the numbers of literary journal and magazines at home, across Europe, USA, Canada, India, Philippines. Recently he has been voted and appointed as the director of the world poetry Canada and International. ( ), He is the member of Journalist associations for humans rights movement in Bangladesh and voluntarily working for the community development since 2010.