Himalayan Tsunami
The gaping holes in that old blanket
Spoke the language of deep sighs
Of hunger and deprivation

While the little head
Peeping out from one end
-The head of Socrates himself-
Fixes a question mark on
The norms of development
Lying across the gluey tar road
Running zigzag on the mountains
Through echoing ominous tunnels

To the town called Kedarnath
Where pilgrims turn ghosts
With holes in their eyes
Expressing their faith
Or the complete lack of it

  Sukrita Paul Kumar

295171_332732983479194_723542403_nA noted poet and critic, Sukrita Paul Kumar has published several collections of poems and many critical books. An invited poet at the prestigious International Writing programme, Iowa and a poet-in-residence in Hong Kong, China, she is a former Fellow of the IIAS, Shimla. At present, a Fellow and Programme Coordinator at Cluster Innovation Centre at the University of Delhi, she is also a translator and has held an exhibition of her paintings.