Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon

“The end of a war
Is the beginning of another war..
” From forced famine and fighting
Cannibal of naked souls sailed,
Across, to the sea of hope,
trending upon thorns and pebbles.
The roaring sea echoes
Chants from the depth of our hearts.
While the land retreats over our fate,
We hide by the sea side,
in order not to be late.
Where does a runner go
Whose baton is handled by the merciless ones’?
They that bring home a dance,
But who is to dance it for us?
Should we call on our deceased fathers,
Whose skull were hung on the roof of our tattered hut?
Or should we place a call to our spirit mothers,
Whose blood were made as sacrifice for the unborn?
The brave one in battle is no where in sight,
They have faded away in the dimmed light,
Of last night Bight of Biafra fight,
Now let us alone, to suffer the rising plights.
By the sea side
Can we regain our ascribed right?
To be late, could it had better be a great price
If our spirit will not be revived at Niger – area?
The war has ended
But the war still lives with us!

Painters of fate limn my fate
With an aging maquillage of hate
Left to scream, shrill and yell
Like a joyous sinner in hell
Designers of destiny blueprint my fortune
Left me in a combat with faith
Of what fate has brought
As life plays pun of living in differs tune
I sit and watch the dance of life
In this writhe and wrench hive
Of swarming sightseers
Yet none fit the sweetness of heart
Life as sweet as bitter kola
Bred me up like a vagabond
Sentenced me to death abound
To die, will it not be better off?
Every yoke I bear
Are the yokes loved with all care
Every joy that I have
Are the precious moments I fear
Tell me! Is it a sin my parents die?
Why even was my father roasted like pie
And my mother killed like martyr?….
Who heard the death of my brothers?
I am lone, now forlorn
Like a pauper, relatives look vicious
Just as I was told- “life is beautiful”
Indeed life has been beautifully cruel
I won’t cry because
I am a vagabond
I won’t cry because
I faced death abound
I won’t cry because
my fate turned around
But I would cry because
I am abandoned….


I write to you my beloved mother
With the last drop of the red milk from my eyes
Let not your tears like the field grass grow wider
But Mother!
Let it freeze like ice
Let the tears from the pinnacle of your eyes fall like snow
I pray thee, not like the dew or rain
Let it fill the virgin desert that it may know
The truth of woman labour and pain.
I write to you as the voice of the gods
Not to frighten you but to share the cacophony of the lost songs
Sing upon the altar of our defiled land
Where we are crucify in its heaven like hell at hand.
I hope you have but forgot
I wanted to study to become a doctor
If it is to be my laziness,
I would become a bus conductor
But Mother!
Where were you when
I was swept away by social factor?
What are you doing as my dream fades in this gaol?
Mother! In this heaven, our hell
We ask for food but we are taking for fool
We ask for the pen to write our dreams, but we are given pennies
We ask for our school fees but our bride price is ready to be paid
We ask for education but we are being taught ejaculation.
Are we now becoming brides?
Is our bright dream fading here?
I write with the last drop of blood in my vein
For you to act as fast as snail
If not today may be the last day
You would ever hear my say
Crave words with your tears
Tell the wolves in the sheep with no fear
We need pen not pennies
Let their sick brain ask for our books not boobs
Let them pay our school fee not bride price
Let them give us education not ejaculation
Go, go tell them
That we are sick of this den Tell them!
That we may be free from this hell.
But behold mother!
If the tick tock of the clock holds it breathe today
If the cock that crows at the peak of the tree
we stay refuses to crow again and again
If the sun refuses to light the day
Do remember that
I miss you and make hay
While it thus shine today….

Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon (Torm Gardson} popularly referred to as TGOtm
is a Nigerian young poet and a literary critics with remarkable writer-qualities.He was born in the early 90’s to the golden soil of Africa; in the blessed country – Nigeria; at the beautiful state of the virtuous -Osun ; on the land full of milk and honey, pride of every black man,and the primus and peak land of achievers – Iree; to a teacher as the father and a trader as the mother.Gabriel is an international multi-award winner; He was awarded the World Poetry Ambassador to Nigeria {Canada}2013. Nominated as one of the Inspirational Poet of the Year 2013 by World Friendship Celebration (Pentasi B) in Philippines. He won the Write Share Be Read Second International Poetry Competition second edition with his poem“REMEMBER O’YE GODS”; as one of the Top Five Poets in category A and his poem was published in First Female (A popular United Kingdom online Magazine) 2013.He was recommended as one of the top ten in the Rabindranath Tagore Award – International English Poetry Competition 2014. He was awarded the World Poetry Cultural Youth Peace Ambassador 2014. He was ranked third in the Anchors bible competition 2014. He was awarded in the Poetry Category of the Creative Writers’ Association of Nigeria 2014 Literary Award. He is currently the Director of World Poetry Movement Nigeria-Africa.Most of his works have been featured in series of international
anthologies and journals. Through them, he has been able to inspire,liberate, illuminate and transform many lives and he is able to bring peace to wounded hearts.He is a published author with his first book title ‘ CALL FOR RETREAT’and as he always say, he is currently an undergraduate in the school of poetry.