Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon


“No man is free, even in freedom…”

Hold on!
Freedom will come,
Songs of void we sing for sure,
In those days of unending sore.
Bind to the wheel of no free – will
Often sad and strongly ill,
As bitterly we daily feed,
On sugarcanes like bees.

Shackled by fetters
Like a herd of cattle, placed on a ship,
Free mind, free heart but of a slave hand,
Only to await freedom that has gone to hide.
Hold on!
Freedom will come,
But nobody knew when freedom will come….

Past holds the present in coherent
But no man is free even in freedom!

Some are of free minds
But they are tied by the hands,
Some are free by the hands,
But are tied by the mind.
Some are free by the word
But are grip to the sword,
Some are free from the sword,
But are bind by the word.

Nevertheless, together through labor,
We all seek true freedom.
Yet no man is free even in freedom
For slavery is all in our blood…


Hear and hark to the harmonious hymns
That transcend the timidness of my heart
Fairly funky-funny, kinky-kooky
But voiced the voiceless voice of the heart

See and sense, the scent
That tells the truthfulness of the mind
It seemed silly, screwy and strange
But such of type, is of no kind

Feel the dance of my heart
Even in silence, its beat gives a sound
There in lies hidden secret to reveal
And if I fear to unveil, I would die in pain

Come, follow the foot of my heart
Let me show you its shapeless shape
Although we are half-heart parted
Imperfect; but heartbeats tide us apart

Let me tell you!
One heart, one mind, one soul
Two hearts beat as one
Beside you, none can occupy the throne
Of my heart

Count the shooting stars
Feel the blissful airs
The much you can feel
Is the much I love you.
Forever; I would
Hold you close
To my heart

BAOKU. (If We Are Not Dead)

Baoku, Ise o tan
Baoku aje Eran to ju Erin lo…”they say

(if we are not dead, suffering will be over a day..
If we are not dead, we shall eat animal bigger than elephant)

Such fallacy built on the rock of fate
That shackles our souls to life’s cage,
Sending us to war between reality and fate,
As our subtle mind is set up to faith.

Searching, Waiting, and Hoping
Relying on faith for the day
To which we shall eat the big lie, bigger than elephant
Strangely, we await just a day but we have lived for many years

“Baoku ise o tan”
Falsely believed truth
That we hold as being true
When we are fetter by ignorance
That has taken us into trance

As though we have not lived enough
To be wise and free from this bound
We live a life that has no life
And dream in the reality of lies…

Is it true “Boaku Ise o tan”?
Is it true we shall eat something bigger than elephant
And amidst the nobles we shall stand?
When poverty has drown us to lack of ideas

Is it true ” Baoku Ise o tan”?
When illiteracy has nailed us
To the ground of inferiority
And turn us to social lepers
Being speak-off and spill upon

Is it true we shall stand before kings
Like David before Saul, to sing?
When the bond of separation between the rich and poor
Is thicker than the bond of life

Is it true, hope shall fall on our side again
And our eyes shall see the bright ray?
Is it true that our poverty will sink in the stream
of joy a day,
If we keep enduring life the way it plays?..

“Baoku ise o tan”
How true even is it, that our life will have worth
Even if we die in this drought?

Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon (Torm Gardson} popularly referred to as TGO1379454_616625138382228_419157871_n
is a Nigerian young poet and a literary critics with remarkable writer-qualities.He was born in the early 90’s to the golden soil of Africa; in the blessed country – Nigeria; at the beautiful state of the virtuous -Osun ; on the land full of milk and honey, pride of every black man,and the primus and peak land of achievers – Iree; to a teacher as the father and a trader as the mother.Gabriel is an international multi-award winner; He was awarded the World Poetry Ambassador to Nigeria {Canada}2013. Nominated as one of the Inspirational Poet of the Year 2013 by World Friendship Celebration (Pentasi B) in Philippines. He won the Write Share Be Read Second International Poetry Competition second edition with his poem“REMEMBER O’YE GODS”; as one of the Top Five Poets in category A and his poem was published in First Female (A popular United Kingdom online Magazine) 2013.He was recommended as one of the top ten in the Rabindranath Tagore Award – International English Poetry Competition 2014. He was awarded the World Poetry Cultural Youth Peace Ambassador 2014. He was ranked third in the Anchors bible competition 2014. He was awarded in the Poetry Category of the Creative Writers’ Association of Nigeria 2014 Literary Award. He is currently the Director of World Poetry Movement Nigeria-Africa.Most of his works have been featured in series of international
anthologies and journals. Through them, he has been able to inspire,liberate, illuminate and transform many lives and he is able to bring peace to wounded hearts.He is a published author with his first book title ‘ CALL FOR RETREAT’and as he always say, he is currently an undergraduate in the school of poetry.