Vatsala Devi Radhakeesoon

Every Mauritian

Blend, blend, blend the cultures-
Asian, African, French;
In amalgamation we see beauty,
So says the heart of every Mauritian.

Death and After
Wait, wait, I’m coming!
Neither am I scared nor screaming,
With joy my eyes are dancing,
I can hear Divine Music echoing.

Feel, now, O Detached Soul, you surely can!
Feel pure light, perfect knowledge of Immortal Friend;
Fly freely to all planets, you surely can!
It’s All- blissful, no sorrows to mend.

In the Dark Forest
Lonely, chilly, gloomy was the forest’s night,
But defying All Advice, under a candle’s light
determined was I to finish my poem ‘Night’s fright’.
Last line done!
Ready was I to go home
But Mr. Treachery Dagger’s choky fumes
seemed to engulf my weary feminine bones.
Thread- like blue light shone in the sky,
Intuitive powers within my mind sighed,
Lotus shaped white aircrafts at me smiled.

Elegantly, confidently Mr. Dandy Brave and his team
with their Five Elements’ protective shields supreme
subdued weakened Dagger’s wicked means and whims.

Mysticism and Mystery fill in the dark forest,
From my subconscious mind, past lives seemed to manifest;
In Dandy Brave’s eyes ,I recognized his love for me-
the pure immortal love that can never be lost.

 Love Revisited
Stranger of Obscure Land,
For years , a forgotten friend;
You knocked at me again.
With tricks , with taboos
You made me Miss Whackadoo.
I fell into the twisted trap;
But he, detached left a void, a gap.
Burnt, burnt I like Queen Dido’s* flame
for Troy’s Chieftain Aeneas* divine and handsome.
But my tragedy was saved,
Because I met Reason brave;
He freed me, a slave
from Illusory- Love’s lonesome cave.

*Dido: In Roman Mythology, a Phoenician Princess who founded and ruled Carthage.The queen of Carthage
*Aeneas: In Roman Mythology, the son of Venus and Anchises and a member of the Trojan royal family. The principal character of Virgil’s The Aeneid

 Spiritual Quest

From land to land I did travel,
All I saw was Regret’s well,
Some Acharyas , some seers I of course met,
But in the Fallen Era many have offset Spiritual Mindset.
My head rested on the greener wet grass,
Gazing the sky to Almighty God I asked
‘Without Genuine Guru, how will I Spiritual Tests pass?’

God softly held my hand,
He said ‘Nurse no fears my friend,
The Divine Knowledge I’ve safeguarded beforehand ,
Read them when to your Inner Voice I command,
Connect deeply to me and the Truth you’ll understand.’

God himself was the True Teacher I realized,
AUM., Omnipresent in Egoless Minds also resides,
Within us his powerful light he always casts ,
reminding us to embrace Good Karmas till Life- breath lasts.

Vatsala Devi Radhakeesoon was born in Mauritius in 1977. She started writingv poems at the age of 14. Her poem ‘Loneliness’was first published in the widely read local newspaper L’Express in 1995. She has had her first poetry book ‘When Solitude Speaks’ published on recommendation of the Ministry of Arts and Culture, Mauritius in 2013.Vatsala writes poems in various languages mainly: English, Kreol, French and Hindi. Her poems mainly center on emotional, social, historical and spiritual issues.She is currently working on a second book in English.