Morpheus has forgotten me again

and i will stay awake,

groping at memories

from an old diary.


i will bring your picture to life,

i will remember your every charm

every grimace of your face.


I’ll detect the tenderness in your voice

amid your mereiless teasing

and far-off, faded words.


You liked to tease me

You laughed at my innocence

and inexperience.


Once again i won’t sleep

and in spirit i will be with you.

Scratching at these wounds, open for years

to make them bleed again

and be comforted by the thought of you.




How this spring rose resembles you!

Exactly like you

the day i tasted your first kiss!

And your loosened hair waved

amid the Mistral’s caresses

beneath the sunset that spread across the plain!

And spring scented the banks of the streams!

And your givering body scented your palms,

perspiring with happiness!

And love climaxed in the petals of a spring rose.

Through the magic touch of a hymenopteric bee.

And spring climaxed in your embrace!

How this scarce rose resembles you!

Exactly like you, exactly like me

when with the sky for a cover

we loved each other and were revived!



YIOULA IOANNOU PATSALIDOU descend from  the historical wealthy family of GONEMI but the property of her family has been stolen by goverment employees. She was born and raised in Avgorou Famaqusta Cyprus.After graduating from Pancyprian Lyceum of Larnaca she pursued studies in France. 1996 she creates a radio show at a private radio station.

She puplished six collections of short stories and poems.She participates in internationals anthologies dedicated to the universal .peace and she has been awarded many international Prizes.