YIOULA JOHN Patsalidou



The monster roared.

‘Then his soul apochoristike

the rotten carcass.

As if relieved of his crimes

and rested.

University, Attila, Makronissos, Gyaros.

Gas chambers, Dachau, Auschwitz.

Barbed wire and minefields.

Incinerated pubescent bodies

who gave up the unfinished idyfthongo

chant their love exhale,

anasyngkrotountai again.

applauding flagged

and freedom from injustice.

Monster died.

Kien hollow echo kontozygonei.

To fire the outer vulture!

Kept the haunted

souls of burnt!

Long live the annihilation of fascism!

Long live the liberation of our souls.

Christ has risen souls of the victims.

Immortal, immortal, immortal!



The biggest love you

I want you to be inspired.

Deep and meaningful to say

but it seems that it will be difficult.


With bright colors of nature

I will paint onto canvas.

The bigger and ever love you

because words are hard to say.


Open egkyklopedies and dictionary

lest I find big words

to tell you the love you.

But it seems that it is not simple

so much to empefsto to love you.


My notes I choose one by one

to write one divine melody.

And with this I love you to sing

so deep so big that simple.


THE LIGHT OF Diogenis.

Where people lost

asked Diogenes

me lantern fengontas

in the afternoon?


What Qian has since

so many years centuries

same ask today

worlds all cities.


Why kind man

searching Diogenes

centuries before Christ

not yet found.



Yes, I could march

longest route

avenues lures

and countless temptations.

Delicious berries to taste.

Yes. They could all

be going well

Ma Qian sirens

with persistent call

I will remain forever here

near you I love.


YIOULA JOHN Patsalidou born in Cyprus.He studied in France and cyworked on the production of radio programs and literature since childhood. He has participated in shows winning Music & Dance Group and has given the public six literary books.Texts have won awards in international competitions and represent the country in many Global poetic anthologies, dedicated to World Peace and cooperation between peoples.